How Did Popstar Christina Aguilera Drop 42 lbs Off Her Stomach Fat Without Dieting or Exercise, in 2 Months Flat?


In a Recent Inteview, Christina Reveals Her Amazing Fat Busting Secret That Melts Off 8 lbs of Fat EVERY week without Diet or Exercise - and it works for both Men, and Women!

When asked by Jay Leno about her remarkable weight loss in a recent television interview, Christina Aguilera shocked the audience. Whilst previously thought to be the result of extreme exercise and a low calorie diet, Christina said her incredible transformation was actually thanks to a strange exotic fruit. On her blog she states, "I couldn't believe how easy it was. I didn't change my diet or my daily routine, and the fat just melted off like butter. Finally something that just works."

Christina Aguilera isn't the only celebrity jumping on this fat burning wonder. Kelly Osbourne, Rachael Ray and Jennifer Lopez are all reported to have lost a significant amount of body fat using the same diet. The combined use of both these new products is the hottest thing right now, and not without reason either. This clinically proven formula can melt off 8 lbs of fat every 7 days and flush out all the junk from your body. And best of all, the product is totally affordable! We know what you're thinking though, and we also had our doubts.

But with Christina and many celebrities experiencing success with Garcinia XT we knew we had give it a shot and try to experience first-hand the same success these stars have received. After a quick office survey we chose our chief editor Helen Crisell who was trying to drop weight fast for her upcoming wedding in 7 weeks. Here is her account of using both products for 4 weeks.

Christina claims that using Garcinia XT and Natural Cleanse Plus were key factors in losing 36 lbs in just 6 weeks.
"Garcinia Cambogia, the main ingredient inside Garcinia XT, is one of the most effective weight-management substances on the market right now. It comes from natural phenolic enzymes found in Garcinia Cambogia and will hasten your weight-loss efforts when used in short intervals (less than 3 months)."

Helen explains, "I first heard of the extremely popular Garcinia XT in the news and on the Dr. Oz Show. It contains a substance most of us know as Garcinia Cambogia Extract, a completely organic ingredient native to Garcinia Cambogia and scientifically proven to tear away fat from your body when taken daily. The problem, however, is that it's impossible to ingest enough physical Garcinia Fruit for the active ingredient to affect your metabolism to a point of visible weight-loss as there are only minute amounts physically. In studies from UCLA's health research department, Garcinia Cambogia usage showed a statistically significant prevention of high-fat-diet-induced elevation in body weight through alteration of lipid metabolism, increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation. Furthurmore a direct correlation (with R-squared = 0.988) was shown linking the Garcinia ingredient to a speed up in lipid metabolism of 270%, almost trippling a regular individual's fat burning capacity."

With that said, there are very few Garcinia Cambogia products on the market that are pure. Most fluctuate between the 60-70% purity levels and contain loads of fillers. Garcinia XT on the other hand is a true Garcinia product containing 95% pure Garcinia Cambogia.

According to Dr. Chan (The guest host on the popular Dr. Oz show) Garcinia XT works in multiple pathways to kick start your body's lipid metabolism.

"The first pathway is the Garcinia binds to the adrenergic receptors causing a speed up in your body's lipid metabolism. This pathway will increase the burning of glucose, sugar, and fat in the body right away. The second pathway, which is also the most important pathway, slows the release of sugar into the blood stream, and without excess sugar building up in the blood stream, you essentially stop fat production because there is no sugar to turn to fat. When the two pathways are combined together, you get this synergistic effect that basically burns, blocks, and stops fat, but it is also 100% natural and safe." -Dr. Chan

With the science behind I still wanted more evidence, and after interviewing multiple individuals using Garcinia XT, I found that those experiencing shocking weight loss were also using the natural detoxifier pairing Natural Cleanse Plus. Together, testimonials claim the combined usage of both these products led to significant weight-loss, more energy and generally a healthier day-to-day feeling. If you're skeptical, you're not alone. When I first learned about this weight-loss combo, my diet fad radar went off right away.

Nevertheless, as I began to investigate the countless success stories reported by people from all around the globe, my view started to shift more towards reality. And the really interesting bit is that most of these people had not significantly changed their current lifestyles.

Jessica Green, from California reportedly lost over 26 lbs in about 5 weeks while being on Garcinia XT ! She wrote on her blog, "I couldn't believe how easy it was. I didn't change my diet or my daily routine, but the fat just came off like that. I love this stuff!”

So to prepare myself for the experiment, I placed an order for the Garcinia XT and Natural Cleanse Plus combo online. One thing to note here is that there are many off-brands, so make sure you get the correct product that has the full name "Garcinia XT". This is important because this specific product has been clinically tested and approved at the GNP Labs in Los Angeles, California whereas other brands may not have been.

After waiting a few days, my bottle of Garcinia XT finally came in the mail. I didn't know what it was initially since it was in an unmarked package, but I'm glad they thought of my privacy first! After taking the product out of the box and reading the labels, I could tell that this was a quality Garcinia product.

Benefits of Garcinia XT:

  • 4 Times More Weight Loss Than Diet and Exercise
  • Boosts Energy
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Promotes Cardiovascular and Digestive Wellness.

Along with the Garcinia XT, I received the bottle of Natural Cleanse Plus at the same time. The idea behind combining the products is that while Garcinia XT encourages weight loss and increases energy, Natural Cleanse Plus helps rid your body of toxins and allows your body to work and burn calories more efficiently.

Benefits of Natural Cleanse Plus:

  • Helps Eliminate Bad Toxins That Have Built Up Over the Years
  • Ignite Your Metabolism
  • Boost Your Vitality
  • Helps Get Rid of Gas and Bloating
These were My Results - 28 lbs down in Just 1 Month

After one week on the diet using both products I was surprised at the dramatic results. My energy level was up, and I wasn't even hungry. A welcomed side effect of the Garcinia XT and Natural Cleanse Plus diet is it's power to curb the appetite.

I honestly felt fantastic!

Best of all, I didn't even change anything about my daily routine. On Day 7, I got on the scale and couldn't believe my eyes. I had lost almost 5 pounds! But I still wasn't convinced, since they say you lose a lot of water weight at the beginning of any diet. I wanted to wait and see the results in the upcoming weeks. But it sure was looking up! I now weighed under 140 pounds for the first time in years!

After two weeks of using both supplements, I started the week off with even more energy, and actually sleeping more soundly than before. I was no longer waking up during the night and tossing and turning because my body was actually able to relax (this is a result of getting rid of the toxins, I think). Plus I managed to lose an amazing 12 pounds, putting me at an unbelievable 17 pounds less in just two weeks.

I must admit that I'm starting to believe that this diet is more than just a gimmick.

After 3 weeks, all my doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished! I am down, 2 full dress sizes after losing an additional 8 pounds. And I still have a ton of energy. Quite often, around the third week of other diets, you tend to run out of steam. But with the Garcinia XT and Natural Cleanse Plus combo, my energy levels don't dip, instead they remain steady throughout the day. I no longer need that cat nap around 3pm in the afternoon! I am even noticing that my stomach is digesting food so much better. No bloating or embarrassing gas after I eat.

After the fourth week, my final results were shocking. I lost an unbelievable 31 lbs since starting the Garcinia XT and Natural Cleanse Plus combo! Actually everyone at US Weekly is kicking themselves for not having volunteered to be the guinea pig. Using Garcinia XT and Natural Cleanse Plus in week 4, I lost an additional 5 lbs. The results are consistent! But to be honest, I really didn't have much more than that left to lose. I am definitely going to continue taking Natural Cleanse Plus afterwards because it has so many antioxidants and vitamins that makes my skin look unbelievable.

I couldn't be any happier with the results. I Lost over 30 pounds in 4 Weeks, No Special Diet, No Intense Exercise.

The bottom line is this product is working for a lot of people right now. And if you are still a little doubtful about the effects of this fat burning combo, there's an exclusive promotion running for a limited time so you can try it risk-free. The creators are so confident that you will fall in love and be back for more that they are offering a small trial of Garcinia XT and Natural Cleanse Plus -- you pay only the shipping. So what are you waiting for? Take action and give your body a trim. We look forward to hearing about your success so make sure you keep a log with before and after photos and please write back to us!

IMPORTANT: * We have tested both products together, so It is important that you use Step 1 and Step 2 in this method to achieve similar results.

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Posted by DIANE
“My friends and I have all been waiting for the Garcinia Cambogia diet to hit the news. At least 5 of us have all done the Garcinia Cambogia combo diet and we all lost a bunch of weight. This stuff truly is incredible and has changed all of our lives. Good luck to everyone who takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”
Posted by MICHELLE
“Helen, i saw the product on oprah and rachael rays show. however, i didn’t know how to order it and came across your site where you found bonus trial supplies which is great because i dont want to pay for something i didnt know worked. i’m currently on my 2nd month on this stuff and i have to say.. this stuff works and my results are unbelievable thank you so much for putting up this article and doing the test.”
Posted by CARA
“I have been procrastinating for 2 months now on losing weight and today is the day I am gonna take action and get started. I’ve gone ahead and ordered the trials and going to go do 30 minutes of exercising right now! Thanks InShape Daily for the motivation for get me started! Love, Cara”
Posted by MICHAEL
“Hey, Helen, I saw the report on TV and realized theGarcinia Cambogia WORK EVEN BETTER FOR MEN who want to lose weight!!! I am definitely going to try the trial offers before they expire! Thanks for sharing the tips and you should mention how great this diet is for us men too, don’t forget it next time. LOL!”
Posted by DOROTHEE
“My daughter has had weight issues since she was a baby and the doctor says we really need to get her on a diet so she can lose 8 Stone. I really hope this is the answer. Thank you InShape Daily.”
Posted by LAURA
“There is a big stir going on these days about Garcinia Cambogia. I am seeing Garcinia Cambogia all over.. they were giving out samples of a Garcinia Cambogia drink at the local grocery store and the stuff sure did taste great. I picked up 2 cases of it and am gonna test out the Garcinia Cambogia. Thanks for the links.LOL!”
Posted by RHIA
“My husband and I both need to lose weight because we are going to be seeing family we haven’t seen in 25 years. Already ordered it and we are both going to try this out, thanks. - The Higgins family”
Posted by STEPHEN
“I’ve been seeing Garcinia Cambogia diets all over. I even heard my mom talking about this diet a few days ago since one of her friends has lost like 8 lbs in the first 15 days! I definately have to try this, thanks. P.S. – for all male readers out there, I found out that this diet works for anyone. so give it a try! Yes it even works for your pet! It’s that healthy!”
Posted by NANCY
“This stuff is amazing! My best friend Jessica did the same diet and lost an incredible amount of weight. i couldn’t believe it and had to do some research on my own which is how I found this news article. I can’t believe they are offering bonus trials! I know Jessica spent something like $600 and was thrilled.. imagine how excited she would be if it cost her under $60.00. This is a godsend, thanks so much!!”
Posted by AMY
“I was a bit skeptical when I first read about this but as I researched more and more I found out that Garcinia Cambogia is indeed what Rachael Ray and many scientists say it is. It’s one of the secret anti-aging products that nobody seems to want to share. I wouldn’t be surprised many celebrities know about this. I requested for the Garcinia Cambogia 1 month supply and I’m so excited! I cannot wait for them get here!”
Posted by WANDA
“A friend of mine did the Garcinia Cambogia diet and recommended it to me 3 weeks ago. I ordered the products and received them within 3 days (although I didnt get the discounted shipping). The results have been incredible and I can’t wait to see what weeks 3 and 4 bring.”
Posted by NICOLE
“This is an absolutely amazing breakthrough. I can’t thank the guys at Garcinia Cambogia enough! 24 lbs in a month!”
Posted by SAM
“I stand by this diet. I tried this diet a months ago and I can’t say enough about it. This diet helped me lose 28.5 lbs and it completely changed my life. I highly recommend this diet to ANYONE that’s looking to shred unnecessary fat.”

Oprah on the Cover of Women's Health after she loses not double, but triple her weight!

"Garcinia XT is one of the most effective weight management supplements on the market right now. The ingredient comes from natural phenolic enzymes in Garcinia Cambogia and will hasten your weight loss efforts when used in short intervals (less than 3 months). The natural extract is called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), and researchers claim that HCA can double or triple one’s weight loss."

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"The only thing is that I wish I could have watched the Dr. Oz show earlier! The results were so shocking I cant't believe it's my own body. I'm 3 sizes thinner and I feel giddy like a school girl."

~ Stacy McCarthy, New York

"All my friends kept telling me about how amazing the Garcinia XT and Natural Cleanse Plus combo was. And I've had trouble with my weight since middle school, so you can imagine how desperate I was to look and feel as great as my friends. I finally tried The Garcinia XT and Natural Cleanse Plus Combo, and let me tell you, I will NEVER try another diet again! This stuff is incredible!"

~ Ryan Terry, New Orleans

"It's simply amazing. I can't believe how quickly I saw results. Real results! I literally saw results after the first week. I can't thank you enough, I have my fit body back!"

~ Monica Thomas, Texas

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